Bat Facts

It can be because they hang upside down, or have long pointy teeth; or perhaps it is the correlation with Dracula and vampires who have contributed bats their unfair stereotype. Rumors of rabies and disease change people’s perception of the actually incredible and intriguing mammal. If this has been your past perception, than perhaps this guide by Pest Experts can change your mind! Here are some fantastic facts about bats and some of their distinct species:

1. Bats Are the Only Mammal Capable of Authentic Flight.

Many people don’t understand that bats are in fact, mammals; and on top of this, the only mammals that can actually fly. They have wings like the body of a human hand, with elongated fingers connected by a needle that is stretchy. They are amazing throughout flight. They are fast and swift, with propulsion to push forward using their airfoil thin wings.

2. Vampire Bats Do Not Really Suck Blood.

Three species of vampire bats have been known to exist around the world. These 3 species of bats do not really “suck” blood from different mammals. They will, however, lick this up after emitting a bite to a bunny or other large warm-blooded animal.

3. A Single Bat Can Consume Over 1000 Little aquariums in One Hour.

That’s a lot of feeding!

4. Echolocation Is the System where Bats Find Their Way in the Dark.

Bats aren’t blind, but they do not have good eyesight, particularly in the dark. But in the dark is when they are awake and busy, so they have to use different methods of communication and navigation to go around. Bats emit beeps and then listen to the beep to bounce back off of a solid structure. They then know where they are.

5. Bat Species Makes Up Nearly 25% of All Mammals.

There are more than 900 species of bats in the world, all broken up into different categories and classifications. The Chiroptera Order is your primary class where bats are categorized. From there they’re divided into suborders, genera, after which species.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve heard something about bats which you didn’t know before. Bats are intriguing and amazing creatures that will need to be respected and preserved.

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